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Here’s What Happens When Mission EDC, Sylvan RGV And Border Kids Code Collide

Remember the movie, The Perfect Storm? It was based on a true story of the Andrea Gail and her crew heading out to the North Atlantic despite strong winds, huge waves, and hurricanes colliding to create “a storm that only happens once every hundred years.” Well, Code The Town is kinda like that, kinda.

codethetowncadreOur captain (CAP), Alex Meade, is the executive director of the Mission Economic Development Center (EDC) who had this idea of giving 80,000 residents of the Rio Grande Valley the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of code. Mission EDC, Border Kids Code and Sylvan RGV all came on board and headed out to the unexplored waters of teaching code to kids, teens, and adults in the Mission, La Joya, and the Sharyland area. We took on the challenge together and Code the Town was born!

The concept was simple: give an opportunity to the community to learn┬áthe fundamentals of code, mostly using Code.org as the framework for instruction with the hopes of sparking creativity and making some awesome technology that could pour back into the economy and make the Rio Grande Valley awesome”er”. (Insert long-winded breathe here.) Kids were taught in their classrooms through Sylvan, teachers voluntarily came in on Saturday’s to learn how to teach their over 5,000 students the fundamentals of code through Border Kids Code, and Mission EDC taught adults to code too- the perfect storm.

Code the Town has sent waves of excitement throughout the Rio Grande Valley and some measurable disruption has occurred. The storm has just begun and the remnants it will leave behind is a border region brought up from aspirations to innovation.

For more information on Code the Town, visit www.codethetown.com . Follow Code The Town on Twitter @codethetown