Co-founder Marcos Silva, M.Ed
Co-founder, Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar, M.Ed


We’re just a couple of educators born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley that are inspired by the talent and capability of kids living on the border. We know the future of the Rio Grande Valley is dependent on technology and we pledge to teach kids and educators how to use and create it for social good!

Our story began in a small space sponsored by Sylvan RGV. We had an idea to teach kids the fundamentals of computer science using really engaging activities that would benefit them when they hopped on a computer to code. We had experience in classrooms with kids, a rocking curriculum that we made ourselves, and an immeasurable amount of enthusiam. Thanks to some willing friends lending us their kids for a week and Sylvan RGV helping us out with the rest, Border Kids Code was launched!

We have a vision to ignite a passion for technology in our border region and especially for our community to begin creating technology solutions. We knew we couldn’t do it alone. In the spirit of community collaboration, we have successfully partnered with awesome groups like Mission Economic Development Corporation for Code the Town, PSJA ISD’s Professional Learning for Summer Camp, and The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Continuing Education Program through Club Code, and TECHBUS, an awesome mobile lab that will be taken out to areas that do not have access to the internet. Each partnership has allowed us to bring our enthusiasm to the masses so more kids and educators can learn code and begin making solutions that will help everyone. Check out our blog to learn more about each one of our awesome partnerships and then contact us to see how we can connect and ignite the valley together!