Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics, and Code Take Over RGV Schools: Border Kids & Nerdvana Partner

Border Kids Code and Nerdvana are asking RGV students to travel through the anatomy of a human body or explore the pyramids with them all while in their classroom. Or maybe students would rather learn about the latest drone technology while building them, flying them, or graphing out an obstacle course with them. Of course students could very well be most interested in building a robot that would catapult objects and learn some Math in the process all while learning to code and give the robot instructions on what to do next.

Border Kids Code and Nerdvana Academy have teamed up to create cutting edge educational technology courses that will have students from grades 3-8 practicing their problem solving skills while working in a collaborative environment aimed at equipping the next gen of computer scientists and makers of technology.

With only 8% of Hispanics currently choosing to follow a STEM pathway in college, Border Kids and Nerdvana have teamed up to inspire students to choose STEM pathways by engaging them in technology courses that will naturally ignite student’s natural curiosity and give them an opportunity to view Science, Math, and Technology in a maker environment.

Border Kids and Nerdvana officially launched their partnership at UTRGV’s Inaugural Club Code Summit where Nerdvana was a major sponsor and Border Kids Code founders were crucial partners in the Club Code UTRGV model. For more information on how you can bring Border Kids Code and Nerdvana to your school visit  or .