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Math and Science in the Sky: Sharyland ISD Launches A Drone Course.

Summer is for staying up late and sleeping in right? Not at Sharyland ISD! Elementary and middle school kids from across the district opted to get up early to learn about drone technology, even flying their very own drone.

With The Economist’s piece, “Welcome to The Drone Age”, solidfiying early assumptions that drone technology will be used for commercial use, Sharyland ISD is at the forefront of introducing their students to cutting edge technology and newly launched drone careers. “The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) had, by August, approved more than 1,000 commercial drone operations. These involved areas as diverse as agriculture (farmers use drones to monitor crop growth, insect infestations and areas in need of watering at a fraction of the cost of manned aerial surveys); land-surveying; film-making (some of the spectacular footage in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was shot from a drone, which could fly lower and thus collect more dramatic pictures than a helicopter); security; and delivering things (Swiss Post has a trial drone-borne parcel service for packages weighing up to 1kg, and many others, including Amazon, UPS and Google, are looking at similar ideas).

IMG_7723Border Kids Code and teamed up to offer week long courses in Sharyland ISD, along with several other districts across South Texas, that feature unique curriculum built by Border Kids coupled with technology offered by Nerdvana. The engaging curriculum includes Google scavenger hunts, researching military and commercial drone use, practical application of xy coordinate graphing, investigating careers and drone regulation, as well as opportunities for students to conduct collaborative presentations. Instruction was centered around 3 objectives: create fun and wildly engaging content, incorporate Math and Science Texas standards, and sprinkle The National Computer Science standards throughout the course.

“I learned that drones are used across the world in the army and I even to deliver packages and pizza,” said student Adan Salazar.  Many students were shocked with everything drones help with including dropping food to refugees.

With new technology careers popping up everyday, Border Kids Code and Nerdvana are exposing and preparing our South Texas kids high tech industries and shaping the future of technology in the valley.

For more information about courses offered to valley students and schools, visit or check out for the latest tech entrepreneurship opportunities in the RGV.